Friday, April 06, 2007

Spin and Lies

EUR/USD 1.3417 Hi 1.3435 Low 1.3410
USD/JPY 117.75 Hi 118.93 Low 118.65
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EUR/JPY 159.33 Hi 159.55 Low 159.24

One of Tony Blair's great talents for which, no doubt, he will be remembered is: lying. Tony lies with passionate conviction. And he's at it again. Today the line is:

"our forces are there specifically at the request of the Iraqi government and with the full authority of the United Nations"

Notice he does not mention the "Iraqi people", who are merely incidental. And only Lancet is counting the Iraqi casualties anyway: current estimate of Iraqi WAR DEAD: 650,000. How many maimed? No-one knows.

No, Tony Blair prefers to suggest that the puppet regime installed by the Anglo-Americans has given its authority for the Anglo-American invasion and occupation of IRAQ. Which is an interesting way to put it. Of course this puppet regime wasn't even "in Government" (if you wish to call it that) prior to the invasion. Makes sense really. How could they have been? I mean FIRST you invade THEN you install the puppet regime and then you retroactively LEGITIMIZE the whole charade by telling everyone that THE Government, your Government, gives you the authority to be there. INDEFINITELY. See. It's easy. It's called SPIN. But it's a misrepresentation of the truth just the same. So let's call it what it really is: lying.

He's been a bit "clever" with the"specifically at the request" rubbish. But the next bit, the bit about the "full authority of the United Nations" is a bald-faced lie. An open bald-faced lie. The United Nations NEVER authorised the attack on Iraq by the laughably named "Coalition of the Willing", also sometimes referred to as the Coalition of the Billing, which was comprised mostly of Failed States, Hangers-On, Political Opportunists and those hoping to GAIN something. This sorry Coalition keeps losing members as country after country heads for the exits. George W. though has NO intention of withdrawing troops. EVER. Not that his children or JEB's children or any of the Bush children will ever see active duty, of course. So what's the risk for these guys? Their legacy. Which means they have NOTHING at stake.

Of course if the Anglo-American invasion was illegal , which is was, that makes Tony Blair, George Bush and Dick Cheney WAR CRIMINALS.

Tony Blair is a lawyer. He knows all this. So Tony doesn't want to go there. And he certainly doesn't want the British media or anyone else to go there. So he's sticking with the lies and SPIN. Which, as noted, he is rather good at.

And today he's suggesting that the current mayhem in IRAQ is really the work of (guess who?) the Iranians. But of course. Yes those untrustworthy, lying Iranians have been creeping across the Iraqi-Iranian border and killing, oh, 650,000 IRAQIS with their BOMBS. They like to call it: "Shock and Awe". I mean please.

Yesterday FOUR British soldiers were killed in Iraq. No-one knows how many IRAQIS were killed. We know only that it was more than FOUR. No matter. Lying Tony has this to say about the recent British deaths:

"Now it is far too early to say the particular terrorist act that killed our forces was an act committed by terrorists who were backed by any elements of the Iranian regime, so I make no allegation in respect of that particular incident.

But the general picture, as I said before, is that there are elements, at least, of the Iranian regime that are backing, financing, arming, supporting terrorism in Iraq"

Those sneaky IRANIANS. First they bombed IRAQ, causing catastrophic damage to the infrastructure, power lines, water supply. Then they invaded, dismissed the Iraqi Army and Police Force, allowed and perhaps encouraged chaos and civil war and are now occupying the country with 150,000 or so Troops and another 150,000 MERCENARIES. 650,000 Iraqis have died and millions are now refugees. And so devious are they that they are passing all this off as the work of the Anglo-American forces. Clever. Too clever. And now they have released British sailors so we can't go ahead with the bombing campaign which we had planned. Or maybe we can. Isn't there some semi-plausible excuse we can use? Well I mean if you sift around and are prepared to lie and exaggerate and SPIN it can't be that hard. Can it?

Tony, of course, is looking for a new excuse to attack Iran before the British Public gets truly fed up and attacks him. He has a timeline to work with. He's supposed to be stepping down some time in the next two months. An attack on Iran was supposedly pencilled in for April. And if his rhetoric is anything to go by then the attack on Iran has merely been postponed by the recent release of the British sailors.

No sign of concerns on financial markets. In fact, global Stock Markets continue to rise despite tighter monetary policy conditions and concerns about slowing growth. The assumption seems to be that Mergers and Acquisitions will keep stocks risings in the face of some fairly fearsome headwinds. GEOPOLITICS is not even on the radar.

OIL 64.11
GOLD 679.40

The only market which seems to have factored in GEOPOLITICAL risk is GOLD. And if the war mongering rhetoric of Tony Blair is anything to go by then something is afoot.

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