Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Open Letter to Hezbollah

Guys, guys you are doing this all wrong. More fighting will just mean more casualties and more damage to Lebanese infrastructure. You don't need that. Accept the peace now. Even if the terms are awful. Retreat and regroup. The first law of Guerilla Warfare is: attack where the enemy is weak, disperse when the enemy is strong. Your enemy can win on the battlefield: they are strong there.

Their weakness is their near total dependence on the U.S. for support. So you need to focus on undermining that U.S. support for Israel. The weapon of choice here isn't bombs it's P.R., which is why the Israelis spend so much time and money on building links with the Western media. The Israeli P.R. campaign is relentless and working. They do press releases and get 'their' facts out to the mainstream Western media every single day. Where are you guy on this one? Nowhere that's where.

Your P.R. stinks. Sorry, but it does. What you don't need is guys in Turbans speaking in Arabic with voice-over translations. The Iranian guy with the bad haircut and second-hand clothes is not helping. Stop giving him press. It's damaging your cause. Idem with Bin-Laden et al. And stop recruiting sad sack morons to blow themselves up. That's not going to work. Recruit in the West if you have to but recruit smart, educated, well-spoken journalists. You need spokesmen who can read, write and speak English convincingly. Because your target audience (the American taxpayers who are funding Israel) only speaks English. You haven't even got to first base with these guys.

If you don't know how to do this: hire people who do. You need press releases, you need balanced, factual articles in the mainstream Western Press, you need acceptable spokesmen, you need to use the Internet, E-mail, You Tube, whatever it takes. No visiting journalist should ever be turned away. Take them to lunch, show them around. Be nice. It's the last thing the Israelis want. They want to keep you busy on the battlefield. Don't go there. Don't fight this on their terms. Fight fire with fire. This war won't be won on the battlefield it will be won in the hearts and minds of the Western voters. Some of the work is already done for you, all you have to do is use it.

The Israelis aren't scared by your bombs they are scared by Al-Jazeera, by Robert Fisk, by George Galloway, by Amy Goodman.

Do you really think that Middle America is happy to spend trillions of dollars on weapons for the Israelis while the U.S. Government tells them they can't afford Health Care, Welfare and Education for Americans? If it becomes known in the West that cutting off funds and arms to Israel will make a just peace inevitable then those funds will be cut off. I guarantee it. Western voters don't like this carnage and this war. And they don't like wasting their precious resources to keep the whole charade going.

It's up to you guys. Either you decide that all you really want to be is martyrs or you decide that you want to WIN this war. The choice is yours. Your present strategy isn't working: so change it.

Damn straight, FX! I say that the answer to this Middle East security question is the same solution that we found to World War II.

Nuke 'em! That's all these people understand!

Save lives by dropping a nuclear bomb on Beirut, and that will stop the killing right away!
I think you might have missed the point here. I don't think more bombs is the solution to anything. Though I know that there are people in the world who believe that force is the answer to everything. I think they are seriously deluded.

Other strategies have to be used to end this war.
Paris ib, you hit the nail on the head. You pose valid suggestions.

And people who think that force is the answer to everything are, indeed, "seriously deluded".

Innoncent people are dying; the carnage must stop. Israel must be made to see that it needs to address the root causes of the conflict. Shame on the US/Britain/Canada for their unmitigated support of Israel. Instead, these countries (headed of course by the big US) should be working furiously to broker a ceasefire and then do everything they can to convince the Israelis that it's in their best interest to right their wrongs...

War is not the answer, Peace is.
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